A view of Knappelskär at Lövhagen, Nynäshamn

Lövhagen/ Foto: Johan Gustafsson

Must do's while in Nynäshamn

Everyone on a trip always asks her/himself - "have I missed anything"? So we thought we could help you with a bucketlist!

Take a tour to Strandvägen and Lövhagen

The open horizon is best seen from beautiful Strandvägen in the southern part of Nynäshamn. Strandvägen was built in connection with the Olympic sailing events in 1912 and is now a popular walking area for lovers of the great outdoors. Lövhagen open-air recreation area has plenty of hiking trails and picturesque rest areas where you can unpack your picnic.

How to get here by hop-on hop-off bus:
Choose stop 4, 5 or 6.

Visit Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri (brewery)

Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri (Steam Brewery) started to brew beer 1997 and has since won several national prizes. Why not take a guided tour and learn more about beer, brewing and the history of Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri.

Open 3rd of July – 9th of August, 2019.
Beer tasting available 1.30 pm – 5 pm
Free guided tour 3 pm

Address: Lövlundsvägen 4, Nynäshamn
+46 8-520 212 13

Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri on Tripadvisor

How to get here by hop-on hop-off bus:
Choose stop 7.

Treat yourselves with Nobel pralines

Welcome to ChokladHuset (the House of Chocolate). We are proud to have delivered chocolate to the Nobel NightCap-party every year since 2006. We are the only bakery in Sweden selected to produce the special Nobel NightCap praline. In the shop you can find pralines, truffles, chocolate bars, marzipan, cakes and much more.

How to get here by shuttle bus:
Choose stop 2 or 3.

How to get here by hop-on hop-off bus:
Choose stop 2 or 7.

Address: Hamngatan 5, Nynäshamn
+46 8-520 210 80 or +46 73-667 54 30

Chocolate pralines

Foto: Chokladhuset

Rent a bicycle

It's easy to experience some of the best of Nynäshamn by cycle. Enjoy the beautiful Strandvägen, cycle out to the spa on the island of Trehörningen or discover the shops in the centre of Nynäshamn. Bicycles can be picked up and returned at the Tourist Information Office at the cruise ship pier or at small pizza place 'Ankaret' in the Fishing Harbour. Open all day. Prices include helmet.
We have 14 bikes 28", 4 bikes 26", 2 bikes 24" and 2 bikes 20".

NB! We do not have all bicycles by the cruise ship pier.

Prices: SEK 60 for 2 hours or SEK 150 for a day, child seat SEK 40.
+46 70-848 88 88

Nynäs Havsbad

Maybe Sweden’s most exclusive spa with a unique location on the water set against the unbroken horizon. At Nynäs Havsbad You can relax in the spa, enjoy a perfect two-course lunch with a fantastic view of the archipelago, or why not do both!

Address: Oskarsgatan 9, Nynäshamn
+46 8-520 604 00

How to get here by hop-on hop-off bus:
Choose stop 3.

People in a hot tub outside

Photo: Nynäs Havsbad/ Johan Annerfelt


Trehörningen is an island that is connected to the mainland by two bridges, one for cars and one for pedestrians and cyclists. The island became a center of Nynäshamn's seaside resort during the beginning of the 20th century.
In 1905, the railway between Stockholm and Nynäshamn was completed, which resulted in many wealthy Stockholm families building elegant summer villas on the island, villas that to some extent remain today. In 1907, Nynäs Havsbad was inaugurated and soon both royalty and many of the celebrities of the time came to have treatments, eat and play at the casino.

The entire island has been deemed to constitute a cultural-historical and environmentally valuable building area that is Q-labeled (preservation order) in the detailed development plan.

How to get here by hop-on hop-off bus:
Choose stop 3.

Mopedum - the Swedish nostagia museum

Get an insight into Swedish history with the focus on the years between 1952 and 1979. Enjoy a walk down memory lane!

+46 8-520 132 00

Swedish fika

In Sweden "fika" means "coffee break", often with pastries, although coffee can be substituted with tea, or even juice for children.
Please read our special page about Swedish fika for more information

Where to "fika":
» Skärgårdscaféet, Fiskehamnen
» Hamnbageriet, Fiskehamnen
» Chokladhuset, Hamngatan 5, Nynäshamn
» Müllers Konditori, Fredsgatan 13, Nynäshamn NB! Closed 22nd of June to 15th of July 2019
» Espresso House, Centralgatan 9B, Nynäshamn
» Lövhagens Kaffeservering
» ICA Maxi, Telivägen 2, Nynäshamn

A tour out to the archipelago - Nåttarö

Take a bout tour to Nåttarö, a popular island in the Stockholm archipelago. The boat departs from Nynäshamn 11.30 am. The journey takes 30 minutes. Return time from Nåttarö 3 pm. That means that you will return to Nynäshamn 3.30 pm.

For more information about Nåttarö, please visit: http://nattaro.se/en/

A view of the beach at Nåttarö and the harbour

Nåttarö ferry/ Foto: Johan Gustafsson


Nynäshamn Visitor center

+ 46 8-520 737 00

Visiting address

Fiskargränd, Nynäshamns Fiskehamn

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