Fritidsbåtar vid bryggan i gästhamnen

Visit Nynäshamn

Welcome to Sweden and the small beautiful coastal town of Nynäshamn.

The modern history of Nynäshamn begins with the construction of the railway from Stockholm in the early 1900s. Alongside the industrial development that took place a hundred years ago, the population increased, as did the importance of the port.

Nynäshamn’s location was significant for both commerce and outdoor activities, and it also became known for its summer homes, seaside hotels, spas and sailing centres. In the 1912 Olympic Games, the sailing competitions were held in what is still one of Sweden’s best sailing waters, next to a beautiful promenade and the world’s longest outdoor gym.

Today you can visit and experience the modern town of Nynäshamn with a wide variety of restaurants, shops and activities.

Culinary experiences

Nynäs Rökeri and Kökeriet

Nynäs Rökeri (smokehouse) and Fish hall was started 1986 by Kent Boart.
Have a seat at Nynäs Rökeris "cafeteria" Kökeriet and try the smokehouse homemade products.

How to get here by hop-on-hop-off bus: go to Nynäshamns Station.

+46 8-520 100 26

Kökeriet on Tripadvisor

En silltallrik

Photo: Rökeriet

Restaurang Kroken

Rustic and simple food based and built on uncompromising raw materials. The menu is constantly evolving and changing with the season and time of year.

How to get here by hop-on-hop-off bus: go to Nynäshamns Station.

+46 8-520 155 20

Restaurang Kroken on Tripadvisor

Uteservering full av människor.

Ärlan mat och trädgård

Experience a vegetarian lunch buffet in a private cosy garden with coffee and home made cookies. Or why not a "plain" Swedish fika?

+46 76-840 36 50

A sample of vegetarian food

Photo: Nicklas Axelsson

Nynäs havsbad

A health resort for the soul! Enjoy looking at the horizon while eating well.

How to get here by hop-on-hop-off bus: go to Nynäs Havsbad.

+46 8-520 604 00

Nynäs Havsbad on Tripadvisor

Nynäs havsbad i solsken

Nynäshamns ångbryggeri

Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri (Brewery) started to brew beer 1997 and has since won several national prizes. Why not take a guided tour and learn more about beer, brewing and the history of Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri.

+46 8-520 212 13

Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri on Tripadvisor

Sampling of the brewery's beer

Swedish "fika"

In Sweden "fika" means "coffee break", often with pastries such as a cinnamonbun. Fika is a social institution in Sweden and the practice of taking a break with a beverage and a snack is widely accepted as central to Swedish life.

Fika is a social institution in Sweden and the practice of taking a break with a beverage and a snack is widely accepted as central to Swedish life.
As a common mid-morning and mid-afternoon practice at workplaces in Sweden, fika may also function partially as an informal meeting between co-workers and management people.

Kanelbulle - cinnamonbun

The cinnamon bun was probably invented in Sweden in the 1920s. The main ingredients are usually wheat flour, milk, yeast, sugar and butter. Then cinnamon or cardamom is added. It's usually topped with granulated sugar.

Where to try a cinnamon bun:
» Skärgårdscaféet, Fiskehamnen
» Hamnbageriet, Fiskehamnen
» Müllers Konditori, Fredsgatan 13, Nynäshamn
» Espresso House, Centralgatan 9B, Nynäshamn
» Lövhagens Kaffeservering
» ICA Maxi, Telivägen 2, Nynäshamn


Photo: Kristina Stugholm

Prinsesstårta – Princess cake

A princess cake is a cake made of a cake bottom, whipped cream and vanilla cream, and coated with marzipan. The marzipan cover is normally green with a thin layer of icing sugar on top and the cake is often decorated with a red marzipan rose or the like.

Where to try a princess cake:
» Müllers Konditori, Fredsgatan 13, Nynäshamn
» Lövhagens Kaffeservering
» ICA Maxi, Telivägen 2, Nynäshamn

Green marcipan cakes

Hallongrottor – Raspberry "caves"

If you are a fan of shortbread cookies, these are for you. Not only you get a buttery cookie, but also a dent (or a cave) filled with with fragrant raspberry jam. If the jam was home made and the pastries were not baked in the oven for too long to the point where the jam turns into a hard lump, hallongrottas are mouth watering treats.

Where to try a raspberry "cave":
» Skärgårdscaféet, Fiskehamnen
» Müllers Konditori, Fredsgatan 13, Nynäshamn
» Lövhagens Kaffeservering
Chocolate caves are served at Chokladhuset, Hamngatan 5, Nynäshamn

Raspberry shortcake

Mazariner – Mazarins

Small pastries made of ground almonds were named after Italian lieutenant Mazarin, who loved food and helped spreading food culture from Italy to France.

Where to try a mazarin:
» Müllers Konditori, Fredsgatan 13, Nynäshamn
» Lövhagens Kaffeservering
» ICA Maxi, Telivägen 2, Nynäshamn

A batch of pasteries, mazarins

Chocolate or arak balls

Golf ball sized unbaked sweets are close relatives of world-reknowned rum balls. They are made of oatmeal, sugar, butter, cocoa and sometimes small amount of coffee or Arak. Chocolate balls are traditionally covered in desiccated coconut and Arak balls – in chocolate sprinkles. They can also be called Kokosboll (coconut ball) or Havreboll (oatmeal ball).

Where to try a chocolate or arak ball:
» Chokladhuset, Hamngatan 5, Nynäshamn
» Skärgårdscaféet, Fiskehamnen
» Espresso House, Centralgatan 9B, Nynäshamn
» Müllers Konditori, Fredsgatan 13, Nynäshamn
» Lövhagens Kaffeservering
» ICA Maxi, Telivägen 2, Nynäshamn

Golball sized chocolate balls

Punch rolls and Chocolate biscuits

Punchrulle, small logs, filled with cookie crumb, arak, butter and cocoa mix, covered in a layer of green or pink marzipan and both ends dipped in chocolate. Sometimes the filling may contain raspberry jam or oats. Swedes call them vacuum cleaners, since the shape looks like an old fashioned cleaning device.

Chokladbiskiver, almond biscuits made of almond paste and egg white at the bottom, topped up with chocolate mousse and coated with a thin crunchy layer of chocolate. Sometimes you can come across a zesty lemon version of these biscuits with white mousse filling and lemon flavoured white chocolate coating on top.

Where to try a punsch roll:
» Müllers Konditori, Fredsgatan 13, Nynäshamn
» Lövhagens Kaffeservering
» ICA Maxi, Telivägen 2, Nynäshamn

Green marzipan rolls

Sju sorters kakor – seven kind of cookies

The Swedish tradition of serving seven different kinds of cookies at a dinner, party or social gathering is a concept that dates back to the 1800s. Some of the most popular cookies are: bondkakor, drömmar, mandelmusslor, hallongrottor, brysselkex, finska pinnar and kolasnittar. The book, Sju sorters kakor (in English "Swedish cakes and cookies"), is a classic book, first published 1945. It's the most sold book about baking in Sweden.

Where to try seven kinds of cookies:
» Müllers Konditori, Fredsgatan 13, Nynäshamn

Seven kind of cookies

Shopping Guide

Shopping is fun and easy in Nynäshamn. There are all sorts of shops that together offer everything you can imagine. Here we present a selection of the shops. The shops are open Monday- Saturday. Some shops are also open on Sundays. The majority of stores take credit cards and many also accept foreign currency.

The harbour shops in the fishing harbour

The harbour shops are open every day from June to August. Opening hours vary during other seasons. Craft and antiques. Souvenirs and Fairtrade coffee. You’ll find a wide range of products in the picturesque shops by Nynäs Rökeri in the Fishing Harbour.

Ankaret (souvenirs and snacks)
Skärgårdscaféet (the Archipelago cafe)
Lejonet and Björnen(ice cream)
SIA-Ice cream bar
Emma och Marlena
Hamnbageriet (bakery and café)
Marinboden (vintage interior decor)
Hantverksboden (handicrafts)

Gifts and Scandinavian design

Gifts, home furnishings and textiles are just a few of the things you’ll find in the centre of Nynäshamn.

Ohléns Diversehandel Fredsgatan 11
Tygmans Centralgatan 6
Hemtex Centralgatan 12 Also open on Sundays.
Fredsgatan 12 Fredsgatan 12, 1 stair

Bags all shapes, sizes and colors.
Skinny Lövlundsvägen 3


Make-up, skincare products, jewellery and more.
Lindex Centralgatan 12

Women's wear

Swedish modern range of women’s wear.
Rappes Fredsgatan 11
Tess Centralgatan 9
Lindex Centralgatan 12

Men's wear

Swedish modern range of men’s wear.
Dressmann Centralgatan 9 Also open on Sundays.
Vincent´s Stadshusplatsen 4

Children's wear

Trendy and good value children’s clothes and baby wear, with several Swedish brands.
Lindex Centralgatan 12


Shoes for women, men, juniors and children.
Eurosko Centralgatan 14


Scandinavian sun requires stylish frames.
Synsam Centralgatan 12
AH Optik Fredsgatan 9 Also open on Sundays.
Specsavers Centralgatan 10


There are six toilets at the Visitor Center by the cruise ship pier. One of them is accessible for the disabled and equipped with a changing table for babies. There are also toilets in the guest harbour/main Visitor Center in the Fishing harbour. Ask the staff for help. You can find several toilets at Folkets Hus (the community centre) in the town centre. All these are free. Map here

Most public toilets in Stockholm require a Swedish 10 coin.

How to walk to the town center of Nynäshamn

If you want to walk to the town center follow the green line from the pier and walk about 1,3 kilometers.

Swedish money, where to exchange currency

You can withdraw Swedish currency from the ATMs in the town centre and at the mall Sjötelegrafen opposite the harbour.
For a map, see here

Click on the blue dots for more information in English (the web page is in Swedish). Remember that you can zoom in and out at the bottom of the page (so you don´t miss any blue dots with information).

We recommend using your credit card. The most common card are Visa and MasterCard.


Nynäshamn Visitor center

+ 46 8-520 737 00

Visiting address

Fiskargränd, Nynäshamns Fiskehamn

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